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Can you get to the mountain hut by car?

The mountain hut can only be reached on foot. However, there is a jeep taxi service from Cortina, that also does luggage service for those who are interested. Contact: +39 3460825609

What is the shortest path to get to the mountain hut?

The shortest path is the trail that starts from the Rucurto Bridge, located on the road that links Cortina to the Giau Pass. First on trail number 437 and then on 434. The hike takes about two hours with 300 meters altitude difference. Please find further information on our page “How to get to Croda da Lago“.
During low season, the road to Malga Federa is open. Malga Federa is located 2 km away from the mountain hut.

Can I get to the mountain hut on a Mountain bike?

On a mountain bike, one can get to the mountain hut on the paved road from Lake Pianozes, trail number 432. From the mountain hut, it is then possible to get to Forcella Ambrizzola, a wonderful panoramic viewpoint and then also proceed south towards mount Pelmo.
It is not possible to cycle on trails that are less than one meter and a half in width, as per the Veneto regional law, it is therefore forbidden to cycle on trails 431, 434 and 437 that from the mountain hut lead to the Rucurto bridge. Given the ever more popular e-mountain bikes, we have placed a charging point outside the mountain hut, where it is possible to recharge batteries. Please remember to bring your own cable as we only provide the electric energy.

Is the mountain hut suitable for children?

The mountain hut is the ideal place for children, there aren’t any hazards and it is a natural playground for kids. The path we would recommend choosing when with children, is the one from the Rucurto Bridge. This is suitable for kids who are six years old and over. For the youngest kids who cannot yet walk, you can still contact the shuttle service on +39 3460825609.

Is it possible to pitch tents around the mountain hut area?

No, it is not possible, because the Croda da Lago mountain hut is located on a private land of the Regole d’Ampezzo. Furthermore, article 47 of the Municipal Police regulation forbids camping outside of designated areas.

What do I need to sleep in the mountain hut?

Beds are provided with a cotton mattress protector, duvet, duvet cover, pillow and pillowcase. It is mandatory using a sleeping bag liner as bedding does not get changed daily. For those who don’t have one, we sell single use sleeping bag liners made from nonwoven fabric (see “nonwoven fabric“) at a price of € 6,00.

What are the check in, check out, breakfast and dinner times?

Check out by 9 am. Breakfast is served from 7 until 08:30.
Dinner is at 7 pm and must be ordered by 18:00.
Those who have a reservation but do not arrive to the mountain hut by 18:00 and do not let us know, will lose their reservation. The places that would have been freed will therefore be re-assigned to other people in case there is a request.

How can I book beds?

Under the reservations page you will find a reservation form which will need to be filled in in all parts. Afterwards, we will contact you via email regarding availability of beds and we will provide instructions for the reservation.

How does the sauna work?

Our barrel sauna, has a wood burner, the temperature gets to over 80° C
We recommend booking for the sauna. The price is € 20 per person including towel and a shower token. The maximum allowed time in the sauna is one hour. The sauna is open in the afternoon from 16 until about 18:30.